Bamboo Bathroom essentials Combo


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Bamboo Bathroom Essentials Combo  

Bamboo bathroom essentials contains 1 bamboo brush, 1 bamboo tongue cleaner, 1 box bamboo cotton ear buds and 1 neem wood comb. All products are plastic-free, biodegradable, eco-friendly helps you to keep your teeth, tongue, ear and hair clean. By using this, you can significantly reduce your plastic footprint.

Bamboo toothbrush has a handle and soft medium charcoal bristles to remove food bits without causing inflammation and irritations.

Bamboo tongue cleaner provides you better grip and allows you to enhance your oral hygiene and maintain freshness of your breath.

Bamboo cotton ear buds are very useful to gently remove ear wax. One box has 75 pieces.

Neem wood comb is made with pure neem wood. It is anti-bacterial, electrostatic neutral that does not damage your hair like plastic combs. On the other hand, it massages your scalp, removes dandruff, activates hair follicles which increase blood circulation, drives hair growth & thickness.

Moreover it is easy to handle and more durable than a plastic toothbrush. . Let’s come together and take the responsibility to give a natural touch in our daily life and save mother earth from the pollution caused by the plastic products.


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