How high quality furniture products can be identified?


When you purchasing a new furniture, then it boils down to couple of chooses i.e. to purchase an item that is cheap and easy or perhaps a product that is durable.

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For some scenarios, selecting an inexpensive pieces can be a good idea. For instance :- If you are home staging, then you won’t need a sofa worth $5000 on which you won’t even sit.

However, if you are purchasing items for high traffic areas such as your home, waiting rooms, hospitality sector, then a modern furniture of high quality would be the best option.

So, here are some of the features to look out when purchasing high quality furniture.

  • Wood types

Furniture can be made using different types of wood. Oak, Ash, mahogany and walnut are some of the popular type of wood that you can use in the modern furniture.

Furniture can possibility be veneer or solid wood which potentially means that less expensive wood is used alongside a solid wood finish.

Both of the above options are used in high quality furniture and they are quite long lasting and durable.

  • Upholstery and cushions

Based on the furniture type that you are purchasing, you need to check if the cushions can be removed from the upholstery easily.

In this way, items from the form such as dining chairs, arms chairs and even the couches could be easily removed.

You may feel that it is a small feature but to be honest, it would provide give you less headache whenever you would wash the covers or change their material or colour.

However, if you purchase lower quality furniture, then you may not get this feature.

  • Screws, Glues, Nails and joints

There are various ways through which furniture can be hold together.

To avoid, sagging and cracking of the furniture after long term use, screws and joinery are used.

Also, things such as nails and staples are less desirable. Besides this, if you want glue like substance holding the furniture together, then it is an indication of a lower quality of furniture.

Make sure that you don’t find any materials holding your furniture together or else your furniture won’t last for long.

  • Seat foam

When you are purchasing a furniture, then you should make sure to find out the foam density. An upholstered furniture should have a foam density of 1.8 pounds or higher.

Also, if you are having a sofa or chair that has removable seat cushions, then try to unzip them and perhaps have a look inside to check out the internal compartments of the foam which will eventually stop it from settling down.


It is quite natural to have knots in the solid wood. However, it is also the area of the tree which is weaker.

If you find a lot of visible knots in your furniture for example table, then this would possibly mean that the wood used in the furniture is weak.

Therefore, a lot of furniture manufacturers refrain from using pine which is basically a knotty wood.

So, it is very important that the furniture base is checked for knots and if you find more than few knots, then the furniture may not have been made with high quality.

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How high quality furniture products can be identified?

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